Late Night Jam Sessions: 2 – The Mystery Of Memory

After a few months of not writing or recording any new material, I came back and restarted the Late Night Jam Sessions series and released a new song. Then the same thing happened again where I just up and left. But guess what? I’m back again it seems with a new addition to Episode II titled ‘The Mystery Of Memory’.

This track is really cool because its the first IATG song I’ve written with a full real bass track added in. And honestly, it really gives the song that missing element I feel my old songs were lacking. Anyway, I’m happy with the way it turned out. I hope you enjoy it!

Late Night Jam Sessions: 1 – A Form Of War

LNJS-EP2-1-A Form Of War-v1

After 2 days of recording and mixing, I present you a fully finished track like I promised. A Form Of War is track number 1 in the Late Night Jam Sessions Episode II: Metronomic. Its been roughly a year since I last wrote a full metalcore song, and from the looks (or sounds) of things, I still got it :]

The recording process for this went fairly simple. What I usually do when I write a track a week is I prepare all week long by coming up with riffs and melodies that I can use for that week’s track. And I did exactly that. I wrote the main melody that happens about halfway through the track and worked off of that. I literally wrote most of the track the day I began recording. So that majority of what you hear was all written in a span of 5 hours.

So after I got done with writing and recording the guitar parts, I then went on to do whats usually the funnest part for me, tracking the drums using a MIDI controller. I usually love to come up with really complex beats and patterns but I can only do so much given that I’m literally playing what a regular drummer would play with 2 arms and 2 legs with only 4 fingers. Needless to say, sometimes my drum track nee some cleaning up so after I recorded all the sections of the song and got a good usable track in place, I go in a edit the MIDI notes to fix up places I messed up or add in beats I missed. You can say its kinda cheating but hey, I’m no real drummer and dont have a drum kit so I work with whats available to me. Plus I always make sure to maintain a decent level of human quality to my drum tracks by preserving the velocity hits of each beat thats being played.

And after everything was fixed and edited and recorded, I then started mastering and EQ-ing the whole track, mixed it all down, then made some sweet artwork to go with it. Anyway, I hope you like it! I always intend on writing music I want to hear with the small chance that some of you out there have the same taste in music as me and are into what I make. You’re free to download this track and bump it in your iPod/iPhone/car/computer/Android/Zune/etc…

Late Night Jam Sessions Episode II: Metronomic


This weekend marks the return of the Late Night Jam Sessions series! Its been over a year since I recorded the first episode titled Dissonance and I think its about damn time I hit the studio and bring you a tasty new track each week with the start of Episode II: Metronomic. If you don’t remember or don’t know what the Late Night Jam Sessions series is, allow me to explain.

The Late Night Jam Sessions is an improvised studio recording marathon event that happens once per week with the goal being to write, record, mix, master, produce & publish a new track each week. Last time I recorded about 2 months worth of music and had an awesome time doing it. This time around, my sound has sort of evolved and I cannot wait to show you all what I can do.

I’m not sure how many tracks I’ll do right now, but I’m aiming to release at least 6 brand new tracks over the next 6 weeks. Hope you all will stick around to give these new tracks a listen :]

…And We’re Live!


Hey! What’s up? Remember me? Yeah its been a good long while since this site has been up and running. I’ve been busy focusing on other projects and I thought that the time I spent being away from writing metal was long enough. So now I’m back. I’ve been playing with new styles and riffs over the past few months and I feel as though I have enough new stuff lying around to give you all a taste of what real Los Angeles Metalcore sounds like.

So just sit back, relax, and keep calm. New music will be recorded very soon. Its going to be 100x better than anything you’ve heard from I Am The Galaxy. :]